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NBG William J. Kroeger

In 1960, William J. Kroeger founded New Berlin Grading with two small bulldozers, an eye level and a transit.  Fast forward to today and the NBG, Inc. control levers are manned by William’s son Kenneth. NBG has grown to employ 100 highly skilled operators, laborers, mechanics and support personnel. We have partnered with the Operators Local 139 & Local 113 to keep our expert crews trained and up to date. Our reputation and responsible business practices have solidified an A+ position with local equipment houses, suppliers, and vendors. NBG’s reputation of professional service, fair treatment and sheer horsepower helps us stay at the top of the call list for the most respected General Contractors and Developers in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. Having a reputation of adhering to the Golden Rule helps us retain the best workforce as well as recruit the best the industry has to offer.

Throughout our history we have progressed from grading house lots to developing subdivisions to expanding our scope to include commercial properties, landfills, and Demolition. We specialize in large projects where there is little competition due to complexity and horsepower requirements. Our eye levels have progressed to fully automated GPS machines, rovers and the latest in estimating and survey technology. We will continue to retain our place as SE Wisconsin’s preferred grading contractor by constantly striving to be the Best. The best employee’s running the best equipment as efficiently and profitably as possible for the best clientele in the industry.

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